Adam Scherr

Name: Adam Scherr                     

 Ht. 6’8″  Wt. 385 

Date of Birth 9/6/83 

Hometown: Sherrills Ford, NC

Occupation: mechanic  

Hobbies : Eating, shooting guns, boating (I’ve got a 14 foot John Boat),  and playing with my dog 

Contest finishes/competitive record:

    Beast of the East 2009
1st North American Strongman Nationals 2009 16th
 Arnold Amateur World Championship 2009 15th
Monsters of the Midland 2010 1st
Europa Battle of Champions 2010 3rd
Central GA Strongest Man 2011 1st
Summer Fest Strongest Man 2011 1st
West Carry Fall Festival of Power 2011 1st
North American Strongman Nationals 2011 1st

   Years training: 15 

Years competing: 2 

Other sports involved in: Semi Pro Football 

Favorite Foods: steak  

Favorite binge/cheat food:     cheese burgers  

Favorite drink:    water 

Favorite Music(s):    classic rock and dub step 

Favorite Bands:    Lynyrd Skynyrd 

Last book you read:    something on ar-15′s

Quote on the state of our sport and where it’s going:    I believe in a few more years strongman will be a mainstream sport in the US like it is in other countries  

Do you have any collections, if so, what are they:    firearms 

People would NEVER guess this about you:    I hate cats 

If you are on an deserted island, what food, drink, compact disc and magazine/book would you want:  Just give me a knife and a rifle and I’ll have a good time  

Give us your most embarrassing moment:    I got depantsed in gym calls my freshman year of high school 

Tell of most extreme conditions you’ve ever dealt with, either in training or competition:  Beast of the East 2009 it was 102 degrees out  

Favorite and best event: Stones 

Advice to beginners on getting into strongman: Make goals and do everything in your power to achieve them

Most impressive feat you’ve ever seen: Big Z 350 log c&p for ten reps in 90 sec  

Strongman you admire the most: Mike Jenkins  

The persons responsible for making me the person I am today:  My father 

Defining moment that made me get into strongman:  Meeting David Hansen