America’s Strongest Man Super Show Swings in Dallas

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After two days and six events including the Isolator Log Clean and Press for Reps, the Pat Lobb Toyota Car Deadlift, Super Yoke and the Atlas Stones, two new ASC pros emerged at the Europa Super Show 2010. The heavyweight division was packed with solid veterans and hungry newcomers. Michael Caruso and Jerry Pritchett battled to the very last event as they went into the Atlas stone tied. “I love when it comes down to the last event, winner take all. The crowd appreciates it as do the competitors,” said ASC VP Mike Johnston, “Mike and Jerry put on a show. They raced to the 4th stone platform, they both lapped it, they both popped the hips and Caruso won by 1 second. It couldn’t have been scripted better.” The show also saw great performances by Alan Colley who blistered the 950# Super Yoke, Brian Creel pulled 15 reps on the Pat Lobb Toyota Car Deadlift and Lonnie Fehr loaded all 5 stones including the 410#. Veteran amateur Tom Mutafas dominated the LW division. The other competitors won events but Mutafas was to strong in the end. “The competition was very tough this year,” said ASC President Dione Wessels, “There was no clear cut favorite and gritty performances by many athletes. We want to thank Isolator Fitness for their continued support. We also want to thank ASC Pros Ryan Bracewell and Chad Smith for all their help with the show!” Please visit or for complete contest results.

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